About Us

Founded in 2016 by a combination of Santa Clara Vanguard Indoor members, Team Percussion USA instructors, local high school educators, and the Tri-City Band Corps. Tri-City Percussion was formed by Chris Cyr and Harrison Cheng with the infrastructure of staff and student led board of directors dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our members by hiring the best instructors and designers in the world to craft and hone skills in a personalized way that helps our members achieve new heights in performance and education. From Drum Corps, World Class Indoor Percussion, Stage Performances, Education, to Leadership Skills, Show Design (with the latest Equipment/Techniques/Software), and preparation for a career in Music Education,  Tri-City Percussion has assembled an unbelievable cast of Mentors, Instructors, and Artists to take each and every member to the next level whatever their goals may be.

TCP at WGI 2018

Tri-City Percussion is one of many great performance units available to the San Francisco Bay Area sponsored by Tri-City Band Corps. Founded in 2004, Tri-City Band Corps (TBC) wished to prioritize learning and opportunities, emphasizing on increasing performance abilities and cooperation. While members have changed year after year, much remains the same as well. Each student member learns a great deal, especially through hands on practical training. The group was founded on a few major ideals, which remain essential to the operation of the group today:

  • Honor:  TBC has never made a commitment to its members or partner organizations that it has not kept, even when at times, the cost outweighed the benefits.
  • Loyalty: TBC values friendships and bonds forged within the group and ensures that the group remains a safe, open, and supportive environment for all members.
  • Education: The group was founded to provide students a chance to learn and practice musical skills and to mutually support each other.

Together, TBC is excited to expand and open yet another gateway for its members to grasp a performance opportunity, both enhancing their musical abilities and promoting friendships across the Bay Area. For further information, please visit http://tricitybandcorps.org/.