Tri-City Cymbals

•Name: Aaron Kim
•Age: 19
•Marching Experience: Westmont HS 13-17, Team Percussion USA 16, Tri-City 17-18
•Favorite DCI Show: Mandarins 17
•Favorite WGI Show: Pulse 16 or literally any pulse show tbh
•Fun Fact: When my knees face forward, my feet are naturally past 45 and I can't straighten them so everytime I audition somewhere I get yelled at for not having straight feet. :^(
•Musical Guilty Pleasure: Gachi remixes. Dont look it up. I found it as a joke then eventually found a strange appreciation for the amount of work that goes into them. I need help. Korean R&B is good too

•Name: Ryoken Russell Quintos Apostol
•Age: 18
•Marching Experience: Independence HS (San Jose, CA) ‘13-‘17, Tri City Percussion ‘18, Vessel DBC ‘18
•Favorite DCI show: Blue Devils ‘17, Vanguard ‘14
•Favorite WGI show: BCP ‘17, RCC ‘13
•Fun Fact: My dad used to play the video game Street Fighter so he put the characters Ryu and Ken together.....and here I am today!
•Musical Guilty Pleasure: Film scores are (usually) ridiculously well put together— especially in horror films. 

•Name: Joshua Yandoc
•Age: 17
•Marching Experience: Independence HS 76th Cavalry Marching Band 2013-2016/Indoor Percussion 2014-2017, TCP 2018
•Favorite DCI show: Blue Devils 2015 - Ink •Favorite WGI show: Pulse Percussion 2016 - Brother •Fun Fact: The first instrument I learned was Alto Sax •Musical guilty pleasure: Like @john.cadiz , I also enjoy Broadway musicals (Hamilton) and just musicals in general

• Name: John Cadiz
• Age:18
• Marching Experience: Independence HS Drumline (Bakersfield, CA) ‘15 ‘16 ‘17 Golden Empire ‘16 ‘17
• Favorite DCI Show: 2014 Bluecoats- Tilt
• Favorite WGI Show: 2017 Pulse-Uninvited
• Fun Fact: I used to be a cheerleader
• Musical Guilty Pleasure: Broadway Musicals(Wicked and Phantom of the Opera) and movie soundtracks(The Greatest Showman)

• Name: Nathan “Moppy” Hirsch
• Age: 17
• Experience: Monte Vista HS ‘16-‘17, Tri-City Percussion ‘17-‘18
• Favorite WGI Show: Rhythm X ‘13
• Fun Fact: I play the tenor saxophone and the tenor drums!
• Musical Guilty Pleasure: I listen to hella cringy pop music sometimes.